What are the benefits of using drones?

Below are some of the many industries drones add value to...


Real Estate

Drones are rapidly changing the way real estate is viewed, valued and communicated.  According to MLS Statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard ground level images.  Another Australian real estate group reported seeing 403% traffic increase for listings that included video compared to listings without.

Here are 5 ways drones add value to real estate

  1. Create more dramatic, compelling images
  2. Show relation of property to nearby landmarks/community
  3. Better views of bigger homes
  4. Highlight features of property
  5. Competitive advantage over ground only listings
San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Solar Array at WasteWater Management Plant

Solar Array at WasteWater Management Plant



A client hired me to provide aerial inspection, project completion and marketing material for their commercial projects.  Large commercial project means scale, efficiency and accuracy are king.  Inspection that might take days or weeks can be reduced to time and there is literally nothing that can provide the data acquisition options at the cost and speed that a drone can.

Here are 5 ways drones add value to the solar industry

  1. Reduce inspection time
  2. Projection completion - entire site in one shot! Ground shots have no way to compare
  3. Increase efficiency
  4. Increase the value of your portfolio and acquire bigger and better clients
  5. Ensure project was built to spec!


Commercial construction projects time, safety, efficiency, liability, accuracy are paramount to the complexities of cost, development time and success of the project.  Drones are the perfect solution in this industry given the scope and scale of data required.

Here are 5 ways Construction can benefit from Drone service:

  1. Spot potential issues - especially high up and in hard to reach places
  2. Capture marketing images - pictures sell and construction demands scale from an aerial perspective
  3. Document progress - share progress with stakeholders, remote owners or key team members
  4. Plan construction - aerial images can help with the planning process with detailed view of construction site
  5. Track efficiency of site layout
Westview Parkway

Westview Parkway


3D Modeling / Mapping

Over to the left is a 3D model of Mt. Soledad in San Diego California (La Jolla) that was captured and converted through a process called photogrammetry.  Nadir, oblique and orbital flight patterns were employed to systematically and consistently capture the images via a Phantom 4 Pro and then post processed in RealityCapture.  

Here are 5 applications for 3D Modeling:

  1. Inspection of infrastructure (real estate, commercial, landmarks)
  2. Capture and model environments for commercial use - such as ranch, farmland
  3. Create compelling and real world gaming environments for VR
  4. Interesting virtual tours of real world environments
  5. Document progress of projects with 3D models at milestones


A collaboration with a collective of artists (body painters, sand artists and visual artist) that needed an aerial perspective to bring their vision to life.  This was a fun project on the shores of Pacific Beach in San Diego.  MACROANGELO provided aerial photography and videography support.

Do you have an idea?

Here are 5 concepts that could benefit from an aerial perspective:

  1.  Water sports, surfing, and boating activities. Imagine following along the boat from an overhead for a compelling cinematic shot
  2. Subject tracking - imagine following a biker, car through the mountains or even hot air balloon from the sky.
  3. Large gatherings such as company events and festivals
  4. Marine and land wildlife
  5. Humanitarian relief efforts
Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pacific Beach, San Diego


Aerial Photography / Videography

This was a fun video reel of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach, CA.  The location is full of interesting subjects such as bodies of water, larger than life cruise boats, a lighthouse and plenty of textures, geometry and colors.  All of which called out for an aerial perspective.

Do you have an idea that would benefit from aerial photography and videography?

I would love to hear about it, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's get connected.